It’s Not Always a Flood

Many Times The Problem Come From Within

Water damage is a serious problem that can affect your property at any time. Most people think of water damage is caused by forces of nature like heavy rain, storms, flooding or even snow. However, there are other sources as well and these the most frequent causes of the water damage to homes. Backed up or overflowing appliances in the kitchen or bathroom, burst pipes for fresh water or sewage, and old plumbing causing leaks are all causes of severe water damage to homes and businesses. Never ignore any of these serious problems. Water inside a building will almost always spread, and as time goes by the problem gets worse, more damage and expense mount up. Call a water damage restoration specialists to clear up the water problem at its source as soon as possible.


Broken Water Pipe

Work Needs To Start ASAP

Their technicians will get started immediately with an evaluation of the cause of the water problem and an assessment of what has been damaged. The first step is eliminating the source of the water penetration. After that, they will treat all of your possessions that are salvageable, using our state of the art water extraction process, and store them safely while we move ahead with work on the building. Techs will move any contaminated materials out of harm’s way. They have the equipment and the skills to perform expert water extraction, thorough drying, mold removal and treatment of the air quality.

Repair And Re-Construction

Once the site is completely dried and disinfected, free of any trace of moisture, mold or germs, you can start on the structural repair work. You’ll want a company that can restore the premises to their pre-damaged condition. If roof damage or a roof leak were the cause of the water damage, you’d need a roofing contractor Houston to repair it. Any damage to the building’s plumbing and electrical systems must be completely repaired, to the highest standards of safety. Repair and remove all signs of water damage should be the goal. Once your building is solid and sound, You can have the crowning touch applied– a professional paint job, using mold resistant paint. Now your property is as good or better than new.